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  • Compact, easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Wide range of sizes from 12.000 to 30.000 BTU/h
  • Silent: anti-vibration mounting system as standard
  • Elegant stainless steel frame with condensate tray
  • Reverse cycle or cool only options available

The new chillerAQUACONTROL is the most reliable, efficient and  quiet CWS available.  A major step forward in design and performance, the result of Climma’s 25 years’ experience and knowledge in the manufacture of marine air conditioning systems. The compact design allows us to provide the largest capacity of cooling from the smallest foot print yet.  This is achieved by using the latest rotary compressors available (requiring 25% lower start current than previous models) combined with  large capacity cupronickel sea water condensers for more effective cooling.
Noise and vibration is minimised through Climma’s anti-vibration  mounts and damper system within the stainless steel condensate base.

Available in 5 sizes from 12.000 to 30.000 BTU/h capacity reverse cycle as standard or cool only on request. The AQUACONTROL chillers can be easily configured into multiple systems to provide greater cooling capacity, or integrated in a domotic system, thanks to the built in RS585 interface.
Fit the Aquacontrol with Climma’s latest EVA fan coils to achieve the ultimate in comfort and climate control on-board.