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Success comes from the ability to respond to market demands.

The concept has been the core of Veco’s philosophy since 1971, and continues to be after more than 40 years of business. The ability to anticipate customer needs has permitted the founder, Franco Formenti, to create a new industrial reality at a world-class level. Veco’s product lines have evolved from an innovative refrigerating system designed in 1970 for a friend sailor, to today's comprehensive range of highly sophisticated refrigeration and air conditioning products.

1971 - 3F di F.Formenti is established by Franco Formenti
1978 - The brand FRIGOBOAT is adopted as the name of the manufacturing company becomes "FRIGOBOAT s.n.c.”.  Franco Formenti's son, Carlo, and Giuliano Brivio joined Franco in the company.

1982 - The company becomes Veco S.p.A. where  Carlo is currently the CEO
1984 - The brand CLIMMA is adopted to represent the air-conditioning systems.