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Veco history on Barche e Motore, 2006

Founded in 1970 by Franco Formenti, following an intuition born for a friend’s request, who needed a refrigerant system for his boat, Veco S.p.a. has become a successful company in almost forty years. From a fortuitous event, thanks to a long experience, Veco has acquired in time a specific and deep knowledge of the nautical field, thanks to which it has become a leader as regards the nautical refrigerating and air-conditioning system. This is, briefly, its story, Franco Formenti, founder’s son and chairman of the Administrative Council, and Giuliano Brivio, engineer and technical brain of the firm, talk about. The prestige of Veco S.p.a. is the result of their policy: for them the most important thing is to satisfy all their Customers’ demands, assuring high quality as regards both materials and technology. That’s why “Barche a motore”, famous monthly in the nautical field, has paied homage to the two mainstays of the firm with a special interwiew published on the June number 2006.