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Frigoboat refrigeration solutions are carefully studied to obtain the maximum comfort on-board and to guarantee the maximum efficiency by reducing power consumption; Frigoboat keel coolers are designed to develop these concepts.
The innovative Frigoboat keel cooler system, allows to install the compressor in every space, even if completely closed and with no air changes.
Using a Frigoboat keel cooler system, power consumption is reduced up to 25%.

Sintered bronze Frigoboat keel cooler
Thanks to the sintered marine bronze technique, the heat exchange area increases dramatically, allowing this innovative Frigoboat keel cooler to have a very small size.
The keel cooler's hydrodynamic design is not opposing to the sailing; moreover it's rounded shape does not offer any holds to any object.
Available in different versions and with different installation options, Frigoboat keel cooler is perfect for every kind of requirement.

Bare-bone Frigoboat keel cooler
Designed in marine bronze and copper-nickel, this Frigoboat keel cooler has been specifically designed to increase efficiency and the heat transfer. External protection and an hydrodynamic profile.

Frigoboat keel cooler for AC systems
High efficiency keel cooler, designed in marine copper-nickel and with a specific soldering technique that guarantees the maximum safety and efficiency, the same you can obtain with a double area.