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CLIMMA Superyacht Division


CLIMMA SUPERYACHT DIVISION produces fully custom tailor made HVAC solutions for superyachts.

Veco’s wide experience and high quality manufacture guarantees the best solution and ongoing support for their clients, from initial design and specification to the production and commissioning of excellent HVAC systems.


The design of an HVAC system for a superyacht requires a detailed analysis of the specic project to guarantee the best comfort on board is achieved. The CLIMMA SUPERYACHT DIVISION, has more than 40 years of experience in the marine field, giving Veco a unique ability to support the project throughout all the various phases, providing unique and quality solutions, tailored to our customer requirements.  From the preliminary design of the system to the detailed list of materials required and the support during the installation and commissioning; CLIMMA SUPERYACHT DIVISION guarantee 360° project management for our clients.

  • Thermal load calculations to size the system
  • Detailed thermal load calculations for special rooms (like rack room, engine room, …)
  • Design of the primary air system and the fresh air make-up units, air-extractors and fancoils
  • Schematics for the fresh water circuit, for the sea water circuit, including pipe sizing
  • Design and sizing of air distribution system, including plenums, air grills and duct sizing
  • Full installation drawings including electric schematics of the overall system


With over then 40 years of experience in the marine air conditioning, Veco design and produce complete HVAC solutions. Quality, innovation and service are our starting points.

  • Chiller solutions, from small systems starting at 12k BTU/h up to customized solutions of more than 1 million BTU/h
  • Wide range of fan coil solutions (unique ‘Dry Pan’ design)
  • Fresh air make-up units and air extractors
  • Forced ventilation
  • Electric boilers to be integrated in the air conditioning system
  • Accessories and products for the sea and fresh water circuit and for the air distribution