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An out-hull exchanger to spare energy

The result of continuos efforts to improve its products is an optimal solution that permits the installation of the compressor in any environment, even if it is completely closed and does not have air circulation. The biggest problem in marine refrigeration is finding a satisfactory cooling system with low energy consumption. In order to obtain superior heat exchange, for the same cooling power, it has been recognized that the use of a keel cooler can even result in a 25% reduction in electricity consumption. The system offers two significant advantages, that make its use particularly recommendable: 1) The specific hydrodynamic design does not create any resistance to motion and therefore does not interfere with navigation. Its rounded shape does not provide anything for objects that may be dispersed in the sea to grip onto. 2) As it is outside the hull, the hot water which on the basis of the thermodynamic principle tends to rise, can freely circulate and flow upwards thus permitting a continuos exchange, also facilitated by the porosity of the sintered material: the hot water travels upwards and the cold water continually replaces it around the cooler, therefore guaranteeing a better yield of the cooling unit, even when the boat is anchored in tropical waters.