Frigomatic 12-24V refrigeration systems

Built to the highest specification and designed for self-installation, Frigomatic refrigeration systems deliver the best performance. 12V or 24V DC fridge or freezer system with the lowest power consumption, whether air cooled, keel cooled or pump water cooled.

Frigomatic has a wide range of evaporator plates and either air cooled, keel cooled or pump water cooled condensing sets to optimize the fridge or freezer system in an existing insulated cool box.

Easy to install with all the components pre-charged with R134a refrigerant and connected by Frigoboat’s unique re-sealing ‘quick couplings’ system and controlled with either mechanical or digital thermostats.

Easy to install
Wide range
Self-sealing couplings
Energy efficiency
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How do I select my Frigomatic system?

1) Calculate the volume of the fridge/freezer

Volume is needed to select the right size condensing set and evaporator.

2) Choose the evaporator that best suits your box

Evaporators are available in different shapes; choose the right one based on the compartment shape and on what you need (fridge or freezer).

3) Select the most suitable condensing unit

Air cooled, water cooled, or keel cooled?

It depends from installation constraints, how much efficiency you want from the system, and from navigation conditions. See details in Condensing Unit section.


4) Select the thermostat that best fits your system

Fridge or freezer, digital or mechanical, Frigoboat offers a wide range of thermostats, for every possible need.

Frigomatic thermostats

Mechanical Frigoboat thermostat

Simple and easy Frigoboat mechanical control, designed to keep the fridge/freezer temperature always under control. This thermostat can be installed inside the refrigerated compartment.

Digital thermostat

To have a better monitoring of the cellar temperature, Frigoboat offers a digital display.

Frigomatic condensing units

Air cooled Frigomatic

Frigoboat offers a wide range of air cooled Frigomatic systems, for every kind of installation. An air-cooled system is less efficient than a water cooled system but is cheaper and easier to install. To achieve maximum energy efficiency, the air is conveyed to an aluminum fin condenser.

Choose air cooled for Northern European cruising.

Keel cooled Frigomatic

A water-cooled system is more efficient than an air cooled one because water dissipates heat far better than air. Moreover, keel cooling is also more efficient, reliable and quieter than a pump water cooled system as the only moving part required is the compressor.

Choose a water cool if you are planning to cruise the Mediterranean or Tropics.

Water cooled Frigomatic

A water-cooled system is more efficient than an air cooled one because water dissipates heat far better than air.  Water cooled Frigomatics require a pump to bring water to the heat exchanger, designed for the best efficiency and resistance, thanks to the marine grade copper-nickel.

Choose a water cool if you are planning to cruise the Mediterranean or Tropics.

Frigomatic evaporators

Supplied with 2,8 mt of pre-charged, copper refrigerant pipe as standard; pre-charged pipe extensions are also available from 1 to 6 meters.

All Frigomatic evaporators are provided with Frigoboat self-sealing couplings.

Available in 3 different models, each with a wide range of sizes, Frigomatic evaporators can satisfy every installation requirement.

F Serie

Flat evaporators are ideal for top loading cold boxes that will be a dedicated refrigerator or freezer as they maximize both the access and the volume available. They can be bent (to a 25mm radius) to fit around the inside of the box.

F-Inox Serie

Flat evaporators as F Serie, provided with a stainless steel cover to further protect them.

B Serie

All Frigomatic B series evaporators can be used as a freezer compartment within a fridge or as a dedicated freezer. These freezer compartments can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The 340B has an optional lid when used horizontally.

H Serie

All Frigomatic H series evaporators can be used as a freezer compartment within a fridge. These freezer compartments can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Frigoboat keel coolers

The Frigoboat keel cooler uses the water on the outside of the hull to cool and condense the refrigerant in the system.

Produced in marine bronze, the sintered plate protects the heat exchanger from damage; while offering the best efficiency in terms of heat exchanging capabilities.

The internal heat exchanger is manufactured from marine copper-nickel for maximum resistance against sea water corrosion. Frigoboat keel cooler is similar to a regular through-hull fitting. Its threaded, 38 mm diameter shaft passes through the hull, and a nut is threaded onto the shaft and tightened.

It is available in 2 versions, one with short thread and one with a longer thread; both models can be ordered with or without sacrificial zincs to further protect the system from galvanic corrosion.

With or without zincs?

Both keel cooler models are available with or without sacrificial zincs. Zincs are installed on the keel cooler itself, flush with the surface.

If the keel cooler is already connected electrically to the boat’s sacrificial zinc, then the zincs are not needed, while if the boat does not have a bonding system it would be advisable to use a keel cooler with zincs.


Frigomatic speed regulator

Mounts on compressor controller, the Speed Regulator is a manual speed adjustment device (standard on most Frigomatic units).

Frigomatic extension pipes

A full range of extension pipes fitted with Frigoboat self-sealing couplings allows to locate your Frigomatic condensing unit up to 6 meters from the evaporator.

Frigomatic sea water pump and strainer

Self-priming pump, specifically designed for Frigomatic water cooled refrigeration systems. Minimum amperage draw (less than 1A in 12V) and rated for continuous duty, its self-priming up to 2 mt and particularly quiet.

It can be used for cooling more than one Frigomatic condensing unit, up to 3 (adding a pump interface or a pump relay). Pumps needs a sea water strainer; the Frigoboat one comes with a stainless steel support.

Frigomatic pump interface

The Frigoboat pump interface is a very useful accessory when more Frigomatic units are connected to the same cooling pump.

Frigomatic voltage divider

Voltage divider 24V/12V used to run Frigomatic units with 24V power supply; the maximum power of this device is 3A.

230V AC controller option

Optional electronic controller studied to work also with a 230V/50-60 and 115V/50-60 power supply; the controller can automatically switch power supply, so when mains is available, this device automatically excludes the battery supply and runs the compressor from mains.

Compatible for 12V and 24V installations, it also includes an overload protection for the A.C. supply with a limit of 100W.

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