Centralized air-conditioning system

Centralized air-conditioning and HVAC solutions to get maximum performance and comfort: chillers, fancoils, AHU, extractors and boilers to handle at 360° comfort on-board.


Modular, fixed or full variable speed, from 16.000 up to 1.5 mln Btu, Climma chiller are the state-of-the art in technology and the best solution for yachting.


From 3,000 up to 24,000 Btu Climma fancoils are specifically studied for marine applications, ensuring best performances and material quality.

AHU – Air Handling units

Climma AHU, Air Handling Units, studied for a marine environment, always ensure fresh air, for the best comfort on-board.


Climma air extractors, allow to remove air from internal ambients on-board, to ensure an adequate number of air changes.

Water heaters

In case of very cold climate conditions, Climma electric water heaters can be easily integrated in a centralized system, in order to provide the best heating on board.

Heat recuperator

Quality of the air  and energy efficiency all in one product. Find out more about our Climma AERO heat recuperator system.