AHU – Air Handling units

Climma air-handling units have been specifically studied for marine air-conditioning systems, where air conditioning and dehumidifying is not the only requirement, but where the HVAC system is required also to bring inside the yacht fresh and clean air from outside, constantly renewing air inside cabins.

In order to always have the best comfort on-board, Climma air-handling units guarantee a fixed periodic air change inside the yacht, always keeping the amount of air changes per hour and internal humidity constant.

With powerful yet silent blowers, high efficiency heat exchangers, Climma air handling units always guarantee the best comfort on-board.

Perfect temperature control
Smallest size
High efficiency filters
Powerful blowers
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  • Smallest size and easy to install
  • Powerful yet quiet blowers to improve air flow
  • Perfect temperature and humidity control thanks to the high efficiency heat exchangers and water valve
  • High efficiency G4 filters
  • Digital Climma controller
  • Modbus interface available as standard

Control panels

Climma digital AHU control

All Climma air handling units are supplied with a simple digital display to control the unit and to verify their parameters; display comes already mounted on the unit electrical box, to make the installation even simpler.

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