Climma Split

Climma Split serie of independent air-conditioners, available from 3.500 up to 24.000 Btu/h, are perfect for cooling single or adjacent cabins, specifically when spaces are very limited. The condensing unit can be installed remotely in an adjacent space, making a better use of spaces and reducing noise, while the evaporator can be installed in the cabin.

All Climma Split range has been specifically designed for marine applications, with water cooled condensers, a very compact design, quiet and powerful blowers and an ecologic refrigerant.

Ecologic refrigerant ensures efficiency
Slim high-efficient heat exchanger
Most powerful, silent and rotatable fan
Climma dry-pan system avoids condensation
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Control panels

Climma C-Touch

All the Climma Split range has been studied to work with the new Climma C-Touch control; designed to be easy to use and simple, to get the best out of your climate control.

  • Weekly scheduler
  • customizable interfaces and colors
  • easy interface
  • designed for Vimar, compatible with Bticino cover plates
  • LCD display 2,4’ (320×240 px)

 Climma MK3

Climma Split air-conditioning systems are supplied as standard with the Climma MK3 digital control panel, a simple and very easy to use cabin temperature thermostat.

 Climma MK2

As alternative, the Split units are all compatible with the digital Climma MK2 panel, which may also work with a remote control.

Accessories & kit

All our Split systems can be easily installed with our premade kits for gas, air and water.

Gas kits includes extension gas pipes to bring gas between the condensing unit and the evaporator; extension pipes are precharged in case of self-sealing coupling Split.

Air kits contain all the accessories necessary for the air-distribution of the Split system, in details:

  •  Pre-insulated flexible air duct
  • Duct-plenum connection nipples
  • Plenum for air supply grill
  • Return and supply air grilles

Water kits contain accessories needed to connect the system to the sea water, in details:

  • Sea water intake
  • Sea water filter
  • Valves
  • Sea water outlet

To get more details see our documentation section, or get in contact with our sales team.

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