Water heaters

In case of very cold climate conditions, Climma electric water heaters can be easily integrated in a centralized system, in order to provide the best heating on board.

Specifically studied for marine applications, Climma electrical water heaters are the best solution when sea water gets below 5°C.

Climma water heaters can be easily integrated into a centralized system with chiller and fancoils. Extremely easy to install, Climma water heaters can make the most out of the already existing centralized systems.

Wide range from 6 to 18kW.

Wide range
Smallest size
Marine application
Easy to install
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Electrical control box and display

Climma boiler electronic control can be easily integrated into the main climma chiller electrical box, in order to simplify the control and keep it into a single box, or it can be done through a dedicated electrical box.

Safety accessories

Other then the standard safeties already integrated on each Climma boiler, a flow switch and a safety valve can also be added.

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