HVAC design

Comfort on board and state of the art technology. These are Veco’s objective when designing an HVAC system.

With its 50 years experience, Veco is the perfect partner for designing HVAC systems for the marine industry, supporting its customers throughtout the journey, at 360°: from the very early stage of the project, to inspections during the production phase up to the final commissioning with the final system set-up.

The design phase of an HVAC system is curcial in order to ensure an adequate comfort level on-board, recreating the perfect ambient conditions in terms of temperature and relative humidity, even with extreme climate conditions.

Selecting the right products for the project is also essential to a good result; state of the art technology, ecologic refrigerants and innovative plant solutions are all important characteristics that have to be considered together and looked at with expert eyes to obtain the best results.

Another important part of the design, which is rarely taken into consideration, is the TCO, Total Cost of Ownership, of the HVAC system; TCO is a key factor to be considered, both in terms of energy consumption and in terms of lifetime maintenance. We design our state-of-the-art systems while thinking about sustainability and reduce maintenance cost over time.

A proper HVAC system design cannot exist without taking into account regulations by classification societies; Veco SpA works directly with surveyors and classification societies to support its clients on these activities, which are essential to the good HVAC project outcome.

Below are some of our services:

  • Heat load calculations
  • HVAC system design
  • Aeraulic drawings
  • Hydraulic drawings
  • Installation and electrical schematics
  • Ongoing project monitoring
  • Integrated custom solutions with other systems (where temperature control is needed)
  • Inspections, installation checks, system set ups and commissioning for new builds or refit projects
  • Project management

Refrigeration design system

Food and drinks are two of the essential things,needed on board. We will help you choose the perfect solution to keep them at the right temparatures.

This is why it’s important to have a reliable partner for the design of your on board refrigeration systems, to guarantee the best solution based on the requirements.

Veco has been designing custom refrigeration solutions for over 50 years, starting from your initial request, considering all requirements, and working with you all the way through final delivery.

Veco uses state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions, designing refrigeration systems using low GWP refrigerants, in order to keep sustainability and energy efficiency always as a priority.

Among our service, there are:

  • Refrigeration system design
  • Design of custom refrigerated cabinets, walkable cold rooms, wine coolers and blast freezers
  • Design of custom components
  • Installation and electrical schematics
  • Integrated custom solutions
  • Inspections, installation checks, system set ups and commissioning for new built or refit projects
  • Project management

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